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Why You Need a Sports Case for Your Team

sport cases

If you are in charge of all the equipment and clothing for a sports team you’ll understand how difficult it can be to find a sturdy and reliable sports kit case to carry it all. Don’t worry – your search is over! Zarges Cases provides the highest quality aluminium sports equipment cases. They are durable, lightweight and flexible – ideal for sports teams at any level.

Withstand the Heat

In any changing room across the land tempers can fray, and your sports equipment and jerseys will be thrown around the room. The aluminium case you use to store equipment might take a few knocks along the way. Our cases are built to withstand these conditions and are sturdy enough to deal with consistent rough treatment. They have also been designed to be water resistant.

Lightweight and Large Volumes

We have different size sports cases for you to choose from, and if you decide you require multiple cases you can stack them for ease of movement to and from the changing rooms. Our aluminium sports cases are lightweight and easy to lift and move.

Flexible Accessories

Not only can you stack our Zarges sports cases (or ‘skips’ as sports clubs affectionately know them by) but you can also add flexibility of use through a range of accessories. Both dolly trolleys and clip-on swivel castors, which can be clamped on to our cases with ease, make transporting a stack of Zarges cases incredibly easy.

To find out more about Zarges sports cases, contact us, or browse our site to see the variety of options available.