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Custom foam inserts

Foam Inserts deliver total protection that fits like a glove.

Custom Foam Inserts

We manufacture tailor-made, custom foam inserts in a large range of materials. These provide perfect protection and functionality geared specifically to the goods you are transporting.

All you need to do is supply photos, drawings, 3D-data or original parts. Our designers will then develop the perfect inserts for your specific application.



You have a choice of various colours. Antistatic, dissipative or flame-retardant designs are available. Another special characteristic of these first-class foam materials is that it allows calculation of the protective effect of the finished packaging in advance.


Based on weight, surface, drop height and sensitivity (G-value), we can develop packaging for you, with optimally adapted padding thickness. The result: lowest possible raw material requirements with maximum protection.


We supply 3D plans and drawings based on your individual needs.