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The Versatility of Aluminium Transit Cases

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Aluminium transit cases are built to be strong, durable and lightweight, allowing you to use them in a variety of locations, including remote areas. Zarges cases have been designed to be durable, standing up to rugged landscapes and extreme temperatures. They are the perfect addition to your journey.

For Adrenaline Junkies

Extreme sports are a popular pursuit in the modern world but a lot of the activities take place in remote locations and need a lot of equipment. You might be counting on your equipment to keep you safe, so it is important to be able to transport it reliably. You can trust Zarges cases to keep your kit, and the adrenaline junkies who rely on it, safe and sound.

Sporting and Music Events

If you are involved in setting up or taking part in a sporting or music event you may well have expensive equipment that you need to take with you. Purchasing a Zarges transit case, with custom foam inserts, provides you with peace of mind that out in the field your equipment is safe from harm and you have the tools with which to perform your job role with ease.

Taking Your Drone into the Great Outdoors

Our smart aluminium cases are ideal from taking your drone out into the great outdoors. Drones are very technical pieces of equipment and costly, so you need to be sure that no damage is going to take place during transit, no matter how remote you travel out. Our cases are water resistant to ward off water damage that could be critical to your drone.

Browse our website to have a look at the variety of aluminium cases we have on offer. Whether you require storage for a scientific expedition in extreme conditions, a way to transport your gear on a remote camping holiday or a safe place to keep extreme sports gear, we’ve got the perfect case for you.