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Custom Foam Inserts for Drone Transportation

Drone Case for Travel

Drones are becoming more popular in a wide range of endeavours, both in the commercial sector and for hobbyists. Whether you have a drone as part of your social and relaxation time or as a way to make money one thing is clear, a drone is an expensive piece of equipment.

When you add to that the gadgets and controls that sit alongside a drone and it is vitally important to be able to transport it in the most secure fashion available. That is where Zarges aluminium cases come into play. Our aluminium transportation cases are perfect to help you protect your prized possessions in transit, but the sturdy and lightweight nature of the aluminium is just for starters. Alongside the robust case we also offer custom foam inserts to protect your equipment even further.

Once you have purchased a Zarges case, our team can help you design a bespoke, custom foam insert that fits snuggly with your specific machine. The case and foam inserts can include not only the drone itself, but also any accessories that you require to fit inside the case for transit. The extras often include remote controls, chargers and batteries.

Zarges Cases are the gold standard of aluminium transportation cases. If you’d like to order the ultimate protection for your expensive drones and gimbals, we can help you transport them as safely and securely as possible and keep them looking brand new. You can browse our website for more information, and fill out our simple contact form to request more specific information.