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Zarges: The Strength is in the Detail

From the distinctive blue corners of the Eurobox to custom foam inserts, what sets Zarges cases apart from the rest is our attention to detail in all our designs.

Designed to last

Aluminium is a strong, versatile and lightweight material. Its remarkable attributes mean it can be used to create cases that are both hard-wearing and easily portable. Resistant to dust, moisture and corrosion, aluminium cases can last for many years. A frequent problem with similar cases it that the functional ‘moving’ components are less durable than the body of the case itself. This severely undermines many otherwise long-wearing items. To tackle this issue, we have drawn on years of design and manufacturing experience to develop hinges, handles and connections that are strong enough to withstand years of wear.

Tough enough to travel

Our K470 aluminium cases feature extra wide and thick handles. This makes the handles strong and the case easier to carry, even in gloves. To avoid unnecessary strain on the handles, or your muscles, we also offer a range of practical accessories to support ease of handling and transportation. These include castors with an innovative clip-on design that can be clamped on to any Zarges case in seconds, without the need for any tools. If you know you’ll be travelling regularly with your case, then our K424 XC mobile case is our most lightweight and portable design. It has integrated heavy-duty castors and a comfortable pull-out handle.

Robust connections

All of our cases have a tough, robust connection between the lid base and the body of the case. In addition, the K470 has an extra-long stainless-steel hinge that is riveted into the lid and case body. This helps to protect the hinge against tearing. The lid is further supported by heavy duty holding straps for increased stability.

Strengthened to stand up to hard knocks

All of our aluminium cases feature stacking corners which give the case the strength to withstand being stacked under heavy loads. The Eurobox and K424 feature impact-resistant plastic corners while the K470 has stacking corners made from durable cast aluminium. Peripheral beads and corner beads also add stability and some of our larger cases have beading all round to reinforce against heavy loads.

Delicate details

As they are renowned for their toughness and durability, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Zarges cases are best used only for storing equipment that’s as heavy-duty as they are. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Our resilient cases take the pressure and the knocks so that your equipment doesn’t have to.

Our custom foam inserts transform the inside of a Zarges case from a hard storage box in to a cushioned, supportive case to transport and protect your equipment. Working from your photos, drawings, 3D-data or original parts, our designers can develop inserts to perfectly fit and protect your equipment. We can even calculate the protective effect of the finished packaging in advance to ensure exceptional results.

The strength of our cases is not simply derived from the characteristics of the materials that we select. It also relies on years of experience, careful development and thoughtful designs. Our attention to detail helps to make Zarges protective cases world-renowned.

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