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Transit Peace of Mind – Transporting Precious Cargo in the Toughest Conditions

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If you have an expensive or precious piece of kit, you could insure it to protect it during transit, but you may find you still have that nagging sense of worry whenever it’s on the move. We’re talking about tools of your trade, photography equipment, musical equipment, technology and scientific apparatus. These are all bits of gear that are often expensive, fragile and not well suited to being moved around. They could slide round in the back of the van, or be slammed around by a disgruntled baggage handler or courier. Not everybody appreciates the value of your precious cargo.

The best peace of mind that money can buy is to invest in some high-quality casing, packing and boxing equipment. Transport your gear like a pro!

Zarges Aluminium Cases

Zarges have been making high quality packing equipment since 1933. We are the world leaders in producing tough and durable aluminium boxes, cases and containers. With a Zarges aluminium case, you’re pretty much guaranteed the safe transportation of your gear. The cases are made from robust aluminium, which makes them super-strong and also weather resistant. They have foamed edges, which helps to stop dust and water, and they have tough welded edges. It’s this attention to detail that makes Zarges aluminium cases the best on the market.

We also supply ‘Pick and Pluck’ foam inserts for your Zarges aluminium case – a perfect bespoke solution for keeping your kit in place and protected. Foam inserts can be supplied to your exact specifications, fitting everything precisely in place.

Zarges protective cases are used by professional rescue teams like the military, police and disaster relief because they know how important safe transit is.

If you want piece of mind, it’s the best solution. Even in the toughest of conditions, you’ll always know that your kit is safe in a Zarges aluminium case. For more information about Zarges robust transit solutions, check out the range of products, or contact us.