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Eurobox for Photographers – A Great Transport Solution for your Kit

Drone Case for Travel

Photography equipment can be a headache to transport. It is expensive and extremely fragile. A tiny bump or even a speck of dust can ruin a day’s work. That’s why professional photographers take their transport kit seriously when looking for a protective camera case and use a name they can trust and depend upon.

Eurobox by ZARGES has been the leading choice for photographers and people in the film industry for some time now. You will have seen their distinctive aluminium cases with blue corners on shoots and at trade fairs. They are a serious bit of kit for serious photographers.

Strong and sturdy

Eurobox aluminium cases are made from tough aluminium with stainless steel fittings which won’t corrode or rust over time, even in the most extreme conditions. The case has welded edges and the blue corners not only offer extra protection from bumps and scrapes – they make the boxes stackable.

Waterproof and dustproof

Though no protective box can claim to be 100% waterproof, the Eurobox is a great solution if you are going to be transporting your kit in challenging weather or conditions. It’s not only the sturdy design that will keep out the elements. Every Eurobox aluminium case has a peripheral foamed seal in the lid, so you can be sure of no leaks or gaps in the construction.

Bespoke sizes

Every photographer carries different kit depending on the assignment. That’s why it’s great to have a bespoke transport system that is fully customizable to your needs. Eurobox aluminium cases comes in a huge range of sizes from 400x300x340mm all the way up to 1200x800x510mm.

The interior can be set up with a standard divider panel system, but we love the pick ‘n’ pluck foam solution. Order pick ‘n’ pluck foam with your protective cases, and you can quickly and simply arrange bespoke foam insulation yourself without the need for any tools. Perfect for dividing your lenses, tripods and camera bodies in your case so that you can be sure there will be no movement internally.


Not only are Eurobox protective cases some of the toughest on the market, they are designed to be ultra-transportable. The aluminium casing makes them light to carry – the smaller boxes weigh in at only 3 kg! The protective storage boxes are stackable and have ergonomic comfort handles capable of holding loads up to 50 kg. If your professional kit is heavy, it may be worth investing in some add-on castors as an optional accessory. Locks can also be purchased for security with the option of shackle locks or simple lock sets.

They are also perfect as protective flight cases, and you can be sure that their rugged, ergonomic construction will keep your kit safe – even in the hands of the most careless baggage handler.