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Why Aluminium? Choosing the Best Transport Case.

Lightweight transit Cases

If you’re looking at purchasing a new transport case or storage case for your ‘tools of the trade’ there is a whole world of possibilities and options out there. In terms of the case material, there are  plastic, wood and metal options. You may need some help in deciding which is the case for you.

Zarges have a whole range of aluminium transport cases available, from the world famous K470 to the more economical Eurobox. But all of the cases that Zarges manufacture are made from highest grade aluminium, because we believe it’s the best choice:


Aluminium is tough and durable but super lightweight at only 2.7g/cm³. This is a third of the weight of steel. When transporting heavy loads, the weight and relative strength of the case should be your number one priority.

Corrosion resistant

Aluminium naturally produces a protective oxide coating and so is naturally corrosion resistant. Whatever the conditions, an aluminium case won’t rust or corrode.

Impermeable and waterproof

Even when rolled to a thickness of 0.007mm, aluminium is completely waterproof and vapour impermeable. This is great news to those working on the water or in challenging weather conditions.

Heat resistant

Unlike plastic, aluminium is resistant to prolonged exposure to UV rays. It’s one of the few materials that can be left out in the sun and will not degrade.


Because Zarges aluminium cases are built to the highest specification, out of the highest-grade aluminium, they are built to last. When looked after, a Zarges aluminium case should last you a lifetime.


All aluminium is 100% recyclable making it a great choice for those of us that want to protect the planet.

Aluminium is strong, durable, lightweight, corrosion-free and it won’t damage the planet. That’s why we’d always recommend a Zarges Aluminium case when storing and transporting precious cargo. Take a look at our video for more information.