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Just how light is a Zarges case?

Light Protective Cases

All Zarges cases are made from highest-grade aluminium. This means that they are famous for being tough and durable, but it also makes them super-light.

The comparative weight of a storage case is really important – particularly if you are transporting heavy loads. Manufacturers are aware of this priority – but it’s important to strike a balance between strength and weight.

Zarges cases never scrimp on their components – hinges and latches are made from tough stainless steel to make them long-lasting and secure. But because of the unique technology that produces the Zarges aluminium cases – they remain one of the lightest cases on the market.

Lightest Protective Cases

But just how light is a Zarges case? Well if you picture a whopping 239 Litre K470 case – that’s roughly the size of a computer desk – you’d be surprised to hear that the weight comes in at only 12 kg. That’s about the weight of 2 cats. Or a large watermelon. Considering the size and quality of the build – that’s amazing!

If you compare Zarges cases to the competition – you’ll be hard-pressed to find a lighter case. Zarges manufacture a 73 litre K470 case which weighs only 5.3 kgs. The closest commercially available is made from aluminium and the same size but weighs 6kg. The additional weight may not sound like much, but when your protective case is filled with kit to protect, any weight saving will help.

If you are thinking that plastic may be lighter – think again! A competitor 150 litre polyethylene case weighs 14 kg. The comparative 157 litre K470 from Zarges weighs only 10 kg! And it’s bigger.

Zarges cases are the perfect transport and storage solution – because they are tough, water-resistant and very lightweight. You’ll find detailed dimensions and weights listed on every product page – just look under the link for Specification & available sizes.