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Winter Storage Solutions


It’s a common problem that active people often have: what to do with their expensive gear over winter? It could be team sports gear such as bats, racquets and balls or cycle gear or water sports equipment. Some hardy souls will continue using their sports gear all year round, but for most of us our gear will hibernate over winter, waiting for the warmer spring months to return.

Where to Store your Kit

If you’re lucky enough to have a garage, shed or attic, these are ideal places to store your equipment. However – the problem with all of these spaces is that storage rooms can get damp and mouldy, especially when the weather turns foul. It’s a horrible feeling getting your kit out in the spring only to find that it is covered with mould or water damaged.

Protective Storage Solutions

You could keep your gear inside the house. This will keep your gear dry and warm, but will clutter your living space. A better solution to this problem is to use protective storage cases. Zarges cases will not only keep your equipment neat and ordered, they are also water and dust resistant. This means that even in damp cellars, protective storage cases they will not let moisture in to ruin your kit. The Zarges K470 and Eurobox cases are made from high grade aluminium, so they are non-corrosive and will not rust.

Zarges cases come in a range of sizes to suit any shaped equipment from the compact 13 litre to the whopping 829 litres. Another advantage of the Eurobox is that it is stackable, so a stack of equipment will stand solidly without a need for shelving and will take up minimal space.

So, don’t let the damp ruin your gear – keep it pristine over the harsh winter months with Zarges cases.