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Just how strong is a Zarges case?

Zarges cases are legendary for their strength and robustness. Each design is rigorously tested in-house to ensure that this reputation is withheld. But just how strong is a Zarges case?

Load Capacities

Load capacity is a good starting place to evaluate the strength of a case. Every Zarges drop handle is tested to carry a load of up to 75 kg. The smaller cases have a maximum load capacity of 100 kg and the larger cases have a load capacity of up to 200 kg. That’s the equivalent of two baby elephants!


There are certain international standards that we can compare to evaluate the strength of a case. Zarges cases are graded as UNCERT HazMat for the transportation of hazardous materials and conform to IP65 protection as a measure of their protection against water and the elements.


All Zarges cases are made from high-grade aluminium, but it’s the attention to detail that makes Zarges cases so strong. All case designs benefit from tough riveted joints, beading and corner beads, along with stackable corner protection. All of the components are top quality and tested to destruction.


On YouTube, you can see Zarges scientists testing beyond standards in this amazing video where the K470 case is dropped from a great height and dragged behind a truck on a stony path. The contents of the case remain safe and unblemished.

And if you really need any more reassurance about the strength of a Zarges case, check out this video of three bears trying to break their way into a Zarges case. Spoiler alert: they can’t do it.

Zarges cases really are the strongest on the market. If you’d like more information about Zarges cases, feel free to contact us.