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In Transit – How Zarges work with transport companies

eurobox aluminium case 60l

Zarges cases are great for transport storage and here’s why:

Light – Made from high-grade aluminium, Zarges cases manage the difficult trick of being strong yet light. A 60 litre K470 case weighs only 4.9 kg. Even the maximum volume 414 litre K470 weighs 13 kg. It’s this weight efficiency that makes Zarges cases a great choice for transport storage: it makes them easier to load and cuts down on that all-important cargo weight ensuring that your load is under the recommended heavy goods vehicle weight limits.

Stackable – Both the K470 and the Eurobox have unique moulded plastic corners that make them stackable. This means that the cargo won’t slip or move around whilst in transit.

Tough and rugged – Finally, Zarges cases are renowned world-wide for their toughness and durability. The aluminium casing is thick enough to withstand the inevitable knocks and scapes that occur during transport without damaging the contents. The aluminium is also rust-proof and non-corrosive so will stand up to any conditions – even when exposed to the British weather!

It is these three factors that makes Zarges cases so ideal for transport storage. That’s why Zarges work with some of the biggest transport companies in the UK.

When transport companies choose Zarges above the competition, it’s not just because of the design. Zarges cases are surprisingly affordable – and that’s a great advantage when shipping in bulk. The 60 litre Eurobox is normally £169, but for a limited time, is available at the reduced price of £152.10.

Also – Zarges is famous for its great service. We have a team of advisors ready to answer any question and help you with your order. If you’d like advice on transport using Zarges cases, contact our team.