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Foam Inserts for Protection & Insulation

aluminium foam cases

The most popular accessory that Zarges sell is aluminium foam cases. They are a great product, guaranteed to keep your contents safe and snug. We have the option of:
• Custom foam lining – which can be ordered to exactly fit the dimensions of your case;
Custom foam inserts – tailor-made inserts which offer a perfect fit for your contents, based on your specifications;
• Pick’n’pluck foam – a cheaper alternative where the customer can tear out strips to make their own snug foam housing.

It’s clear that foam inserts look great and protect your contents, but what are the main advantages of foam?


We test our foam inserts to measure impact threshold and load bearing capacity. The toughness and versatility of our foam is what makes it so protective. It will simply absorb impact, making it a perfect housing for your precious contents. Our customers have used Zarges cases with custom foam to transport glass and delicate gadgets successfully. It really is the best protection money can buy.


As well as being insulation against impacts, our custom aluminium foam cases offer a good level of thermal insulation. This can be an invaluable benefit for customers carrying electronics to very hot and very cold destinations. Even if you aren’t planning a trip to the Arctic any time soon, it’s worth considering that the average temperature of the baggage area on a commercial airline is 7°C – cold enough to damage sensitive equipment.


When cut to size by our team of designers, your kit can look fantastic and organised to millimetre perfection. You’ll never again need to fish around inside a case to find your tools – everything is in its exact place.


We’ve a range of aluminium foam cases at affordable prices. If you’d like to know more about Zarges foam, please get in touch with our experts.