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Foam inserts for aluminium boxes – a perfect partnership

pick 'n' pluck foam insert

The precision engineering of our aluminium cases combines a meticulous attention to detail with an eye on aesthetic and ergonomic design. That’s why Zarges cases are famous the world over as the best, most robust and stylish cases available.

It’s this same perfectionism that shapes all of our components too, and nowhere is this more visible than in our foam inserts. When choosing a foam insert option from Zarges, there are a few available options:

Each of these options are a great way to protect the contents of your Zarges case, particularly if the contents are fragile or expensive. Gadgets, scientific equipment, computers and cameras can sit snugly within a foam casing in perfect protection from any bumps and bangs.

Our foam comes in a range of colours and there are options for antistatic, dissipative and flame-retardant designs. The foam is light, strong and long lasting. We design our foam with the same level of attention that we design our cases.

The foam inserts that Zarges supply are really the ‘yang’ to our cases’ ‘yin’. The soft, protective heart within the tough, rugged exterior. We’re proud of the partnership that our foam inserts offer as an option to a Zarges case. If you’d like more information about the many foam insert options that we can supply, please contact our team.