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Custom Made Foam Inserts For Aluminium Cases

Custom foam insert

Custom-made foam inserts are a great way to provide added protection to valuable items requiring transportation in aluminium cases. Foam inserts come in a number of forms from simple foam lining, foam inserts to fully bespoke custom foam inserts, which are a suitable option for virtually any application.

Foam lining

The most basic form of protection is foam linings. This form of protection offers a low-cost way of adding additional cushioning and is usually suitable for larger or heavier items that may suffer minor damage when hitting the internal walls of the case. Furthermore, foam lining also protects against damage to the inside of the case helping to increase its lifespan.

Foam Inserts

A step up from foam lining, foam inserts are designed to secure items and prevent them from moving around within the case. This is a perfect option for transporting multiple items within the same case or if the items being transported are fragile.  

Custom foam inserts

The most advanced form of protection is custom-made foam inserts. These inserts are tailor-made to the exact size and shape of the item you want to transport, therefore providing the highest levels of protection. In addition to custom sizing, there are several other custom options available, for example, colour, type, and grade of material. Whether anti-static, dissipative, or flame-retardant properties are required, all these customisable options enable you to match the specific requirements, ensuring maximum protection for the item being transported.

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We understand that finding the right solution can be difficult. ZARGES has decades of experience in designing and manufacturing foam inserts so we can guide you through the process. You can learn more about our customer foam inserts on our website. To discuss your personalised requirements, we have a team of experts available to discuss your needs, simply fill out our contact form or call  01908 641118.

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