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Extreme Sport and Expeditions

When you take on an expedition or extreme sports challenge, there are no guarantees of success. Months of planning, training and preparation, hours in the gym honing your technique. Your team, timing, nutrition, commitment, the latest kit or cutting edge tech – they can maximise your chances. But there are always going to be factors you can’t control and risks that you can’t manage. With ZARGES, transporting extreme sport or expedition equipment safely needn’t be one of them.

ZARGES cases provide simple, practical solutions for transporting extreme sport or expedition equipment. The K424 XC Aluminium Mobile Case is designed for optimal mobility on all terrains. It’s light, strong and virtually indestructible: resistant to UV, waterproof, dust and vapour-proof, corrosion-resistant and tough enough to stand up to knocks, drops and impacts.
Cases come in a range of sizes and are customisable. Our range of inside bags and custom foam inserts help to keep your gear safe and secure in even the most extreme conditions, from the most delicate instruments to the most rugged all-weather equipment.

Extreme Conditions

Capable of withstanding temperatures as low as -80°c and as high as 150°c, ZARGES Aluminium cases will keep performing when transporting extreme sport or expedition equipment in even the most extreme conditions. The question is – can you?

ZARGES also provide specialist cases for drone transport. If you are planning on capturing your expedition using the latest aerial technology you can view our drone cases here.

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Lighter. Stronger. Last Longer.


K470 Aluminium Case

The world famous K470 is a lightweight, rugged aluminium case that comes in 25 different sizes.
From simple hand-held options to giant containers with a volume range from 13 to an eye watering 829 Litres.

Prices start from

£257.71 Ex. VAT


K424 XC Mobile Aluminium Case

If it's mobility you need then look no further. 6 different sizes with volumes from 28 to a massive trunk box sized 120 Litres. Optimum mobility through integrated 50mm castors as standard. Other wheel sized options available.

Prices start from

£512.15 Ex. VAT



The sturdy and lightweight aluminium box with distinctive blue corners that comes with a comprehensive range of additional accessories. Available in 9 different sizes and volumes ranging from 27 to a whopping 414 Litres.

Prices start from

£191.10 Ex. VAT