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Cases for Film and Photography Equipment

The most spectacular shots, the most compelling stories, the most beautiful landscapes.

If you’re in the Film and Photography Industry, ZARGES cases can give you the freedom to film or shoot in your dream locations. ZARGES K424 XC Mobile Cases are manufactured from aluminium. This creates a lightweight case that’s strong enough to protect your photographic equipment in even the most extreme conditions. Resistant to UV, waterproof, dustproof, vapour-impermeable, corrosion-resistant and tough enough to withstand knocks or drops. Our Film and Photography Industry Cases will absorb rough treatment so that your cameras and lenses don’t have to.

If you’re a small, light-footed documentary team, our K424 XC full equipment package provides a comprehensive kit-storage and transport solution. This package rolls all the most practical variants of a K424 in to one smart purchase – including a specially designed ZARGES inside bag and mobility package. Foam inserts can be custom made to fit your gear, so you can trust our cases with even your most valuable and delicate equipment: including film cameras, laptops and drones.

High Capacity Cases

We also offer high capacity cases enabling bulk transport and storage, while maintaining ZARGES’ standards of strength, quality and security. The K424XC series offers optimum mobility with capacity of up to 195 litres and load-bearing capacity up to 50 kg. The K470 universal container is available in 25 standards sizes. It offers capacities of up to 829 litres and a load-bearing capacity of up to 200kg.

Make sure your whole crew have the highest performing cases for their equipment. Buy a complete set of our film and photography industry cases today to benefit from a bulk buy discount.

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Lighter. Stronger. Last Longer.


K470 Aluminium Case

The world famous K470 is a lightweight, rugged aluminium case that comes in 25 different sizes.
From simple hand-held options to giant containers with a volume range from 13 to an eye watering 829 Litres.

Prices start from

£257.71 Ex. VAT


K424 XC Mobile Aluminium Case

If it's mobility you need then look no further. 6 different sizes with volumes from 28 to a massive trunk box sized 120 Litres. Optimum mobility through integrated 50mm castors as standard. Other wheel sized options available.

Prices start from

£512.15 Ex. VAT



The sturdy and lightweight aluminium box with distinctive blue corners that comes with a comprehensive range of additional accessories. Available in 9 different sizes and volumes ranging from 27 to a whopping 414 Litres.

Prices start from

£191.10 Ex. VAT