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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of our most frequently asked questions are below, if you can’t find the answer to your question, contact us directly.

What is the level of impermeability of a ZARGES container?
There are various degrees of impermeability and these are sub-divided into IP protection categories. The degree of protection is designated by means of a 2-digit value. The first digit denotes the degree of protection against the ingress of solid substances, the second digit gives the degree of protection against the ingress of water. Depending on the product line, there are containers offering protection against water spray IP 54 (K470), protection against water jets IP 65 (Mitraset or K 470 IP 65) as well as immersion-proof or moisture vapour proof containers IP 67 (K475, P472).

What is the maximum load capability of the handles?
Tests have been carried out to a maximum carrying capability of 75 kg per handle.

Are the boxes lockable?
Basically, the models K 470, K 450, BY-containers and K 475 can be locked with a 6mm shackle-type unit. In addition, lead sealing using a 3mm seal wire is also possible. The product line Alu Case K 410 is fitted with lockable fasteners whilst special padlocks are available for the Peli Case P472 range.

What are the minimum possible dimensions of the K 470 product line fabricated as a special?

K 470 approx. 300 mm long x 200 mm wide x 150 mm high, external dimensions in each case.

What are the maximum possible dimensions of the K 470 product line fabricated as a special?
K 470 approx. 2000 mm long x 1000 mm wide x 900 mm high, external dimensions in each case.

What is the maximum load for the K 470 container line?
Depending on the type of load, up to approx. 100 kg for the smaller containers and up to 200 kg for the biggest containers. We can increase carrying capacity further by fitting a pallet underneath.

Is it possible to apply embossed lettering or company trademark?
Yes, embossing using DIN standard lettering is not a problem. Height of lettering 20 mm, single or multiple line, maximum line length approx. 16 characters.

What is the minimum quantity for ordering items with special dimensions?
We can do this for a 1-off, but it is more cost-effective to have a minimum of 10 items.

What are the colour options?
Any RAL colour, for special colours please enquire.

How are the military containers K 475, BY and Mitrase supplied to the customer??
Unpainted as standard because aluminium as a material does not need paint to protect it against corrosion. However, we can offer painting at additional cost.

What are the options when it comes to fitting pallets underneath the containers?
Aluminium pallets, bolted on, tack welded, wooden pallets bolted on. Secupal pallets bolted on.

What accessories does ZARGES offer for the aluminium boxes?
Accessories range from standard internal fittings including Pick’n’Pluck foam, divider sets and lid inserts right through to customer-specific foam inserts, painting as well as lettering and add-ons.