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The world’s oceans are beautiful, mysterious, dangerous places and have been luring Marine Research professionals to explore their secrets for hundreds of years. A modern Marine Researcher may work in any number of fields, from marine biology to ecology, or climatology. Each specialist field requires expensive and fragile scientific equipment which must be protected at sea – even in the toughest of conditions.

Zarges is the number one choice for transporting and storing marine research equipment, and it’s easy to see why: our tough aluminium cases such as the K470 are water tight and dust resistant to IP54 as standard, light and non-corrosive even when faced with sea-water and the cruellest of outdoor conditions. The K470 cases come in a range of sizes from 13 litres to an impressive 829 litres, so whatever your requirements you can be sure there is a Zarges case for you.

Protecting your equipment

Zarges aluminium cases are trusted by experts across the country and across the globe to transport their technology to even the most rugged and remote environments. The robust design is virtually indestructible, and resists water, dust and vapour, to make sure that even your most precise and delicate instruments are fully protected, while interchangeable, 125mm and 220mm all-terrain wheels are available with the K424 model, helping you get your kit to exactly where you need it with ease.

Bespoke foam

To keep equipment stored securely inside, Zarges provide bespoke cut foam to the precise dimensions of your instruments. The foam will prevent expensive tools and gadgets from sliding around in transit and protect them from bumps and scrapes. The other advantage of bespoke-cut foam is that a researcher can see at a glance if all equipment is on-board and accounted for.

So, the next time you are heading to sea on an expedition, be sure to transport your gear in a Zarges case. It’s more than just a box – it’s peace of mind.

Why choose the K470 universal container?

Aluminium – the perfect material for protection at sea

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Offer! k470

K470 Aluminium Case

The world famous K470 is a lightweight, rugged aluminium case that comes in 25 different sizes.
From simple hand-held options to giant containers with a volume range from 13 to an eye watering 829 Litres.

Prices start from

£257.71 Ex. VAT

Sale! k424

K424 XC Mobile Aluminium Case

If it’s mobility you need then look no further. 6 different sizes with volumes from 28 to a massive trunk box sized 120 Litres. Optimum mobility through integrated 50mm castors as standard. Other wheel sized options available.

Prices start from

£512.15 Ex. VAT

Sale! eurobox


The sturdy and lightweight aluminium box with distinctive blue corners that comes with a comprehensive range of additional accessories. Available in 9 different sizes and volumes ranging from 27 to a whopping 414 Litres.

Prices start from

£191.10 Ex. VAT


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