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Volume 63L
1200 x 300 x 250 (External size, mm) Model No. 40710

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£259.00 £207.20

Eurobox is a aluminium protective case ideal for storing and transporting equipment. Featuring distinctive blue impact-resistant plastic stacking corners, over-sized drop handles and long-lasting fasteners.

Kit out the Eurobox with TSA locks, for added security. Add foam lining or custom foam for ultimate protection and add clip-on casters or dolly trolleys for added mobility.

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Eurobox. The case with the distinctive blue corners

Introducing the Eurobox, noted for featuring a host of benefits that include stacking corners made from impact-resistant plastic, drop handles with return spring (stainless steel) and plastic sheathing and heavy duty comfort fasteners that can be tailored to your needs. The ZARGES Comfort fasteners can be equipped with a mortise lock or with spring anti-opening feature. They can also be secured with a shackle lock or lead seal.

eurobox specification


1. Lid with foamed seal all round
Protected against wear, overloading and squashing

2. Sealing function
Also ensured in the corner areas

3. Stainless steel hinges
Riveted into case, body and lid

4. Stacking corners
Made from impact-resistant plastic

5. Two heavy-duty lid holding straps
Sealed at the ends to prevent fraying. Will not be torn out under heavy loads. Attached with special rivets (with extra-large heads)

6. Extra wide handle
Wider and thicker handle makes the case easier to carry, even with gloves

7. All riveted joints
With full rivets

8. (Depending on size) beading all round and corner beads
For added stability

9. Aluminium/stainless steel snap fasteners/hooks
Corrosion-resistant, can be fitted with lead seal, plug lock, and spring anti-opening option (stackable thickness 6mm)

10. Edge, base and lid connections
Tough, robust connection between the lid base and body profile

Specification & Available Sizes

Model no. Inside Dimensions
(L x W x H approx. mm)
Outside Dimensions
(L x W x H approx. mm)
(approx. l)
(approx. kg)
(ex. VAT)
(inc. VAT)
40700 350×250×310 400×300×340 27 3.0 £113.00 £135.60
40701 550×350×220 600×400×250 42 4.7 £139.00 £166.80
40702 550×350×310 600×400×340 60 4.9 £151.00 £181.20
40703 550×350×380 600×400×410 73 5.2 £160.00 £192.00
40704 750×350×310 800×400×340 81 6.1 £181.00 £217.20
40705 750×550×380 800×600×410 157 7.5 £233.00 £279.60
40706 750×550×580 800×600×610 239 8.9 £261.00 £313.20
40709 1150×750×480 1200×800×510 414 13.0 £397.00 £476.40
40710 1150×250×220 1200×300×250 63 6.3 £232.00 £278.40

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