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Travel Cases

ZARGES make cases that can follow you to the ends of the earth. And back.

If you are planning the adventure of a lifetime, make sure ZARGES cases are on your kit list. ZARGES K424 XC Mobile Cases are made from lightweight aluminium, making them easy to transport without compromising on strength or durability. They are resistant to UV, waterproof, dust and vapour-proof, corrosion-resistant and tough enough to stand-up to knocks, drops and impacts. This makes ZARGES mobile cases perfect for adventure travel.


ZARGES K424 cases have 50mm wheels as standard with optional 125mm and 220mm off-road wheels, giving maximum mobility on rugged terrain. Our cases have both a fully retractable handle and side handles for easy lifting. Your valuables will be securely protected by ZARGES fastenings. Our custom foam inserts protect delicate items, including cameras, laptops or smart phones from rough handling or unstable transport.

If you’re on the road for a long time you can be sure that our long-wearing, virtually indestructible cases will keep travelling for as long as you do. Just remember to send us a postcard?

ZARGES also provide specialist cases for drone transport. If you are planning on capturing your journey using the latest aerial technology you can view our drone cases here.