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Coping with large loads

Large Case

Our best options for large protective cases

In our news pages, we’ve already covered the essentials when transporting delicate or unusual heavy loads: we’ve looked at camera equipment, drones, sports equipment and technology.

But what about large loads? Sometimes the challenge is not the fragility of the contents inside, but their sheer size. We’re talking about bulky, heavy and voluminous loads that are not easily transportable. These could be scientific equipment, bikes or marine gear. Precious loads that would really benefit from some extra protection in cargo.

The good news is that Zarges already produce some enormous aluminium transport boxes for even the largest of loads. They still contain all of the quality workmanship and components that you would expect in a Zarges case – just ‘super-sized’!

The K470 Case

Zarges case capacity is measured in litres. The largest case in the K470 range is a whopping 829 litres. The dimensions are 1700 x 800 x 700mm. To give you an idea, that’s roughly the size of a modern bathtub.

An 829 litre K470 case would be ideal for storing and transporting tech equipment, bulky sports and marine gear or classroom equipment. It has a maximum recommended weight of 58 kilograms and as with all K470 cases is lightweight, rugged and stack-able.

The Eurobox

The largest Eurobox is the 414 litre. The dimensions are 1200 x 800 x 510mm. That’s roughly the size of a small fridge. The Eurobox is sturdy and strong and features the distinctive blue corners.

The recommended maximum load weight of the 414 litre Eurobox is 50 kg.

Transporting large loads

Another important thing to consider when purchasing a larger Zarges case is that larger (heavier) loads are more difficult to move around. If you are planning on transporting your heavy load, then it may be a good idea to invest in some castors, or a dolly trolley. Both are available online.

If you’d like any more advice about transporting your heavy load, please speak with a member of our team.