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Organise your garage with Zarges Eurobox

protective cases

With Storm Ciara just leaving us, it may feel as though spring is a long way away. But very soon we’ll see the first shoots of spring: the daffodils and the trees budding. And that other great staple of spring – the Spring Clean.

Now is a great time to get organised, and a great place to begin is in the garage. If you are lucky enough to own a garage or shed, you’ll be aware what a great domestic storage facility they can be. They are a perfect place for tools, gardening equipment, sports equipment, bikes, and just general junk that we can’t bring ourselves to throw away. However the problem is that all this storage can lead to a disorganised mess. Have you ever been in the situation where you know that old battery charger is in the garage somewhere, but you can’t put your hand to it? It’s time to get organised.

Zarges protective cases are a great storage solution for your garage. They come in a range of sizes from the compact 13 litre K470 case to the whopping 829 litre case. They have the added benefit that they are stackable, so could be neatly placed on top of one another in your garage to minimise the space that they take up.

The other major benefit of a Zarges protective cases are that they are made only from high-grade aluminium. This means that they are light, strong but also rust-proof and water-tight. This is so important when storing gear in a potentially damp or dusty garage.

For tools, a great option is the K470 29 litre case. It is light and compact with has a tough carrying handle to easily pick up and carry through the house or into your car boot, but strong enough to keep everything snug and protected.

Gardening equipment can rust and corrode when left in a damp environment. Why not protect it in a 157 litre K470 case?

For sporting equipment (e.g. racquets, wetsuits, fishing gear) the 162 litre K470 will keep your gear in tip-top condition all through the year with Zarges protective cases.

If you’re planning to sort out your garage, why not contact our team for advice about storage solutions.