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5 Uses for Aluminium Cases

The nature of aluminium cases makes them both robust and versatile. They can withstand extreme environments which is why they are used across many industries. We have outlined 5 uses below and explained what makes aluminium cases the deal choice. 

Transporting Electronics

Aluminium cases are naturally tough making them ideal for transporting electronic equipment such as film cameras, photography cameras and lenses amongst other things. Aluminium cases can also be fitted with customised foam inserts These foam inserts can specifically be designed for the contents you want to store or transport making for a more bespoke solution.

Transporting sporting equipment

Playing matches, whether home or away, for any sports team is something that happens on a regular basis. Aluminium cases also known as kit skips are used within the sports industry as they have specific advantages over other materials such as plastic that make them ideal for transporting sports equipment. For example, it is hygienic, easy to clean, and waterproof and the addition of clip-on castors and dolly trolleys makes transportation easy.   

Transporting and storing tools (toolbox)

Aluminium is a lightweight and robust material which is why it is often used to make toolboxes. Select ZARGES aluminium toolboxes are fitted with TSA locks for maximum security to prevent tool theft. Aluminium toolboxes are also great at protecting tools against the elements and are designed to include additional accessories such as an inside bag which makes organising tools easier.

Storing and transporting DVDs CDs and Vinyls

Even though DVDs, CDs and Vinyls are considered old-fashioned some people still prefer these over digital formats. This could be for many reasons for example they may have sentimental value or they may be collector’s items, and so they are considered valuable. Aluminium cases are great for not only organising and storing these items but can protect them from damage and dust etc.  

Transporting Medical equipment

When transporting medical equipment, getting it there effectively and safely is of paramount importance. This not only means protecting the contents from damage but medical items like vaccines may have to be stored at a certain temperature, so temperature regulation is vital. Also, hygiene is key when it comes to anything medical. Fortunately, two of the advantages of aluminium cases include both of these properties.

The above examples are just a few of the many uses for aluminium cases and why this material is the preferred choice for a wide range of industries. At ZARGES we stock a wide range of aluminium cases suited to many applications and budgets.