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The World's Favourite Aluminium Container - 25 sizes from £152!


K470 – The Benchmark of Protective

  • Safely Carry Expensive Equipment
  • Sturdy and Lightweight Transportation Case
  • Universal Container for Wide Range of Industries
  • Robust Aluminium Exterior
  • Range of Sizes (13 to 829 Litres capacity)
  • Customise for Flexibility and Greater Mobility
FROM £152.00 Ex. VAT

The K470 aluminium storage case is ideal to be used for sports teams and their clothing and equipment, to carry expensive equipment within the film industry, to protect your expensive drones for a variety of hobbies and professional uses and to securely transport equipment to remote locations for the adventure, travel and leisure industries.

The K470 is the aluminium storage case that is known as the benchmark for protective cases around the world. Developed in 1950 it is still seen as an innovative and ergonomic design, with a durable build and a variety of 'spec upgrades' and accessories. Within this strong framework it has been upgraded over time to utilise the latest technological developments to increase the standards of safe transportation, economical storage and reliable protection of your goods. Not only that, but you have the choice of 25 different sizes, from 13 to a staggering 829 litres capacity, ensuring that no matter what your project is, you can travel with ease and with certainty that your equipment is secure!

With a range of accessories the K470 offers flexibility to your specific needs. For added security to your aluminium cases you can choose to add TSA locks; thinking of adding an extra layer of protection inside the casing? Custom foam lining provides a snug and safe fit for your equipment to sit nicely within. Clip-on casters and dolly trolleys give you greater ease of mobility.

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